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Meetings At Sea!
Rose Sloat the learning service cruise
Let us show you how to mix business with pleasure by just adding water!

In today's global marketplace there is an ever-increasing need for corporate training.  It might be for your sales teams, distributors, customer service units, or shareholders.  Every training event has different requirements.  In most cases these needs can be accommodated on a cruise at a lower cost than a land-based venue, while offering greater amenities--plus the "WOW Factor" of a cruise.  That's why companies like IBM, Prudential, EDS, Radio Shack, and Digital Equipment Corp. use cruise ships for company meetings.

Meetings at Sea are not just for the Fortune 500 set.  Companies of all sizes use shipboard meetings to hose everything from training sessions to marketing strategy retreats.  Groups with as few as 10 persons can arrange for meeting space on board today's modern ships.  Whether you require a 3, 4, 5, or 7-day cruise, we will customize your journey to meet your specific needs.

There's no need to plan meals--that's included.  There's no need to plan entertainment--included.  If spouses or children are invited, all of their activities from "cruise camp" to shopping to lectures; a day full of action or leisure; are part of the cruise price.

One of the remarkable ships available today is sure to be the perfect destination for your next meeting.  They are traveling, state-of-the-art convention centers with flexible meeting rooms, leading-edge technology, and a wide variety of complimentary services.  We can add those all-important personal touches--award ceremonies to recognize top achievers, floral arrangements, cocktail receptions, and group-shore excursions.

One cruise industry clout insures you'll get the best value for your money.  Our support team will analyze your requirements and then help you select the best ship, sailing date, and accommodations that meet your needs and budget.  We will look after all the details of the cruise including meeting rooms, parties, and other activities.  We can arrange and personalize every aspect of your training event--city tours, group building activities (on a lush Caribbean island), or a golf tournament.

You'll be surprised just how affordable the entire package can be, especially in light of escalating hotel and banquet charges at land-based hotels.

Click here to view a cost comparison chart between a Land Resort Training Venture and  a 5 Star Ship Training Experience. 

We have a very special and exclusive relationship with the largest provider of cruises in North America.  This is with the professional cruise specialists at Cruises, Inc.

For a sample of one of our past cruises please click here.

When you are ready for the training experience of a lifetime, rewarding your people for their performance while enhancing that performance to achieve the next level of success, please contact The Learning Service, Ltd. for complete information and to schedule an appointment with our team of experts.

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